If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew When Parker Concord (Jonathon Schaech) moved to Manhattan to take the journalism world by storm, he never thought he'd have to pretend to be something he wasn't, just to live someplace decent and affordable.

Parker's desperate apartment search ultimately leads him to a beautiful and sexy Greenwich Village artist named Sam (Alison Eastwood), who's living in a loft on First Avenue and rents her spare room to gay men only. Circumstances have led Sam to believe Parker is gay, but there's a catch -- he's not. Inspired by the thought of living with the woman of his dreams, Parker is too overwhelmed to be totally honest with her. What begins as a lie of omission turns into an incredible friendship, as Parker nonchalantly passes himself off as gay and Sam's priority becomes fixing him up with her gay male friends.

With the wry guidance of Jack (James LeGros), his womanising best friend, Parker hilariously navigates the ''brave new world''. But ... as Parker falls for the trusting and big-hearted Sam -- and she for him... it becomes more difficult for him to keep living this lie... and even harder to tell her the truth.

''If You Only Knew'' takes a wildly funny and original look at the things we do for love... and a really great apartment.

pg Parental Guidance
107 minutes


CastJohnathon Schaech, Alison Eastwood, James LeGros, Gabrielle Anwar
DirectorDavid Snedeker
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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