Wild Grizzly

Wild Grizzly A terrifying Grizzly Bear makes a mysterious escape from a wildlife refuge and embarks on a fear-inspiring rampage through the small mountain community of Pine Lake.

When 16-year old Josh is blamed for the breakout -- he sets to find the bear, believing that he knows the reason for the bear's deadly behaviour. With the town gripped in fear, the town's ranger Frank Bradford calls in a specialist tracker Jack Buck to capture the bear. Meanwhile a local land developer Harlan Adams (Daniel Baldwin) forms a posse, with the intention of killing the bear.

In the meantime, Josh's mom (Michele Greene) is searching for her son, she suspects to be missing. The terrifying hunt is on.


CastDaniel Baldwin, Michele Greene, Fred Dryer, Riley Smith
DirectorSean McNamara
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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