The Fugitive: The Chase Continues

The Fugitive: The Chase Continues The gripping series premiere based on the smash-hit movie.

Trapped on the upper floors of an under-construction high-rise, Dr. Richard Kimble knows there is no way out. Lt. Philip Gerard, who's tracked Kimble from Chicago to sunny Miami, is simply too tough, to smart, too close. But suddenly, as Kimble stares at the barrel of Gerard's pistol, the doctor ups the stakes. He plunges headlong from the building, hoping the construction netting many levels below will somehow hold.

New stars, new story elements, new heart-pounding suspense: the pursuit of justice takes on a whole new meaning in this thrilling update whose creators include the producers of 1993's The Fugitive. Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, Heat) plays relentless Gerard. And Tim Daly (Wings, Storm of the Century) plays prison escapee Kimble, wrongly convicted of his wife's murder and determined to find the elusive one-armed man who committed the crime. The chase is on!


CastTim Daly, Mykelti Williamson
DirectorMikael Salomon
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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