The Elite

The Elite On a high profile security assignment, veteran Marine Corps colonel Barret McKay fails to prevent a vicious terrorist attack.

A passenger jet carrying the first families of international business explodes in mid air, crashing into the Pacific ocean. Miraculously, McKay survives, along with five others -- all children. Orphans. Victims. McKay raises them, educates them -- and finally, trains them to utilise their new, unsolicited weapons: revenge.

Now acting as an elite, covert division of counter terrorism, our team gathers the necessary resources to hunt down and investigate any and all threats to the world's security -- a constant mission, resulting in countless full throttle chases across the globe. With their latest, vicious adversary out to destroy American capitalism, the team quickly finds themselves in a race against the clock to pinpoint the next unsuspecting target and stop a catastrophe. But when McKay discovers the attack is headed by the same sick mind responsible for the jet disaster, he aborts the mission fearing the team will lose sight of their objective and only be out for blood.

As dissension begins to tear the team apart, a choice is finally made -- ignore orders and finish their assignment at all costs.

13 No persons under 13 (Violence)
100 minutes


CastJurgen Prochnow, Robin Givens, Jason Lewis, Joel West, Steven Williams, Mazine Bahns
DirectorTerry Cunningham
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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