The Last Debate

The Last Debate It is the eve of a presidential debate between Republican Richard Meredith, a popular media veteran with no political experience; and Governor Paul Greene, a tough-as-nails Democrat.

But the real story is taking place behind closed doors where the debate's four panellists have assembled. The moderator, newscaster Mike Howley (James Garner), has just been given scandalous information about one of the candidates. Howley and his co-panellists make a bold decision: they will disclose the information on national television for the world to judge -- even though it will certainly ruin one candidate's career.

Howley's decision sends shockwaves through the country. Are the panellists heroes or simply trying to furher their own careers? One intrepid journalist (Peter Gallagher) is determined to find out, as he follows a serpentine trail of unanswered questions to a final, startling discovery.

pg Parental Guidance
96 minutes


CastJames Garner, Peter Gallagher, Donna Murpy, Marco Sanchez, Audra McDonald
DirectorJohn Badham
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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