Strange Frequency

Strange Frequency DISCO INFERNO Heavy Metal dudes Buck and Randy head-bang their car into a tree after a late night rock-fest. The only help for miles around is a freaky late night club that for them becomes 'disco hell'.

MY GENERATION Eric Roberts takes a star turn as an aging hippie who cruises the rock festival circuit preying on unsuspecting 'grungers'. On picking up a streetwise hitcher, Roberts gets an indie education that he didn't bargain for and is forced into a 'beat-generation' showdown.

HEARTBREAK HOTEL Duran Duran legend John Taylor plays dinosaur rocker Jimmy Blitz, still abusing TVs and trashing hotel rooms in a whirlwind rock lifestyle. When his cleaning lady's tidying abilities threaten to ruin his bad-boy reputation a battle of wills ensues. What will win out, sledgehammer, guitar or feather duster?

MORE THAN A FEELING And finally the creepy story of a famous promoter (Judd Nelson) who literally has 'gut' instinct for talent-spotting. A skill his rivals would die for and, as he realizes with horror, something his prodigies are dying from.....

pg Parental Guidance
83 minutes


CastJubb Nelson, Eric Roberts, John Taylor
DirectorBryan Spicer
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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