Route 666

Route 666 The fast paced thrilling action extravaganza, ROUTE 666 rolls out on a condemned, desolate strip of highway.

This maligned highway echoes the vengeful scream of its brutal legacy -- a notorious chain gang was killed long ago in a horrific roadside murder. Few have travelled this path, and even fewer will escape. Special Agents Jack (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Stephanie (Lori Petty) are tracking a renegade mob witness across the Arizona desert with the local authorities and the Mafia hot on their trail. They lose them by cutting through a desolate stretch of deserted highway, known as Route 666.

There they face the re-emergent undead chain gang -- there's no escape and no way to deny the evil force. It's a white-knuckled, pulse-pounding journey into the heart and soul of sheer terror.

18 No persons under 18
86 minutes


CastLou Diamond Phillips, Lori Petty, Steven Williams, Dale Midkiff, Alex McArthur, Mercedes Colon
DirectorWilliam Wesley
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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