Absolute Aggression

Absolute Aggression In the year 2011, criminologist RD Crowley develops the Virtual Reality prison to combat overcrowding of prisons. He stores the prisoner's bodies in frozen suspension, while their minds inhabit fantastic Virtual Reality scenarios designed to reform the prisoners' anti-social behaviour.

But Crowley has more than law enforcement in mind. He creates deadly VR hunts where degenerate millionaires such as Montgomery Valentine and Heinz Deitrich pay a small fortune to battle their expendable human VR prey across time and space. VR Prisoner Will Singleton, an ex-prison guard whose previous attempts to destroy RD Crowley failed, is a veteran of 500 death matches. He is the ultimate warrior in a game where survival is victory. But he knows his luck can't last forever. His only hope for salvation is escape. The only hope for escape is the destruction of Crowley and the Program.

Singleton assembles the ultimate Cyber strike force including Vr prisoner/warrior Stu Lewis, super hacker Andrea, and Singleton's prisoner / girlfriend Vicki. They lead a desperate band of Cyber-Rebels in a final attempt to terminate Crowley and the Program -- or die in the effort.

16 No persons under 16 (Sex, Violence)
88 minutes


CastRobert Davi, Kayle Watson, John Christian, Kelly Gleeson, Terry Anderson, Stephen Tartalia, Amy Lynn Baxter
DirectorJ. Christian Ingvordsen
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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