Enemy At The Gates

Enemy At The Gates An all-star cast lights up the screen in this riveting epic hailed as ''a vivid dramatisation of one of history's titanic turning points.''(Gene Shalit, TODAY)

The year is 1942 and the Nazis are cutting a deadly swath through Russia. Under the leadership of Kruschev (Bob Hoskins), the citizens of Stalingrad are mounting a brave resistance, spurred by the exploits of their local hero, Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law). An expert sniper, Vassili's deeds have become legendary -- thanks to propaganda produced by Vassili's best friend, a political officer named Danilov (Joseph Fiennes). To stop Vassili, the Germans dispatch their best sniper, Major Konig (Ed Harris), to Stalingrad. When Vassili and Danilov both fall in love with a beautiful soldier (Rachel Weisz), Danilov deserts his friend, leaving Vassili to face his German counterpart alone.

As the city burns, Vassili and Konig begin a cunning game of cat and mouse, waging a private war for courage, honour and country.

13 No persons under 13 (Sex, Violence)
126 minutes

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CastJude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins, Ed Harris
DirectorJean-Jacques Annaud
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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