The Darkling

The Darkling Jeff Obold is a struggling auto mechanic whose personal life is a good bit more rewarding than his career; he has a lovely wife, Marla, and a seven-year-old daughter Casey whom he dotes on, even though he has a hard time providing for them.

One day, while looking for parts for a vintage muscle car, Jeff makes he acquaintance of Bruno Rubin a mysterious but charming stranger. Jeff and Bruno learn they share an interest in classic cars, and Bruno invites Jeff and Marla to visit him at his estate. The couple soon discovers that Bruno is very wealthy, and soon Bruno shares with Jeff the source of his wealth and power -- a strange demonic creature called a ''darkling''.

The darkling can bestow untold material fortune on anyone willing to be its companion, but Jeff finds doing the darkling's wishes has a price when his association with the demon costs him his beloved Marla and Casey's life may be next.


CastAidan Gillen, Charlotte, Avenel Nina, Siemaszko Skye, McCole Bartusiak
DirectorPo Chi Leong
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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