Trapped At the grand re-opening of Slogan's Hollywood Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas a fire is ignited on one of the unoccupied floors some twenty stories up. None of the alarms or sprinklers on the burning floors is working -- and clearly, this fire is not an accident.

Thirteen guests going about their business are about to have a very different evening than the one they'd planned. One by one, these 13 people realise they are trapped on the upper floors by the raging fire beneath them, and with the stairwells already breached by smoke, the only way out is up. Once the group makes it to the roof, they discover that a roof rescue is not possible. They begin to suspect that someone among them may be the arsonist.

In moments of cries, some people panic and some take control. These strangers must band together, put their differences aside, and fight for survival as they try to escape an uncontrollable fire and save their lives.


CastWilliam McNamara, Meat Loaf, Parker Stevenson
DirectorDeran Sarafian
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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