Sexual Predator

Sexual Predator Handsome Richard Grieco (Manhattan Midnight, A Night at The Roxbury) and the sensationally sexy Angie Everhart (2000 Playboy centerfold, Heart of Stone, Love in Paris) set the screen on fire in SEXUAL PREDATOR -- a blisteringly hot erotic thriller full of intrigue and suspense, and packed with most incredibly intense love scenes since 9 ½ Weeks.

Photographer J.C. Gale (Grieco) is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the fatal and accidental erotic asphyxiation of a beautiful young woman. Beth Spinella (Everhart), the agent assigned to monitor his probation, is the dead woman's best friend, and vows to prove that Gale is a habitual sexual predator.

As she is pulled deeper and deeper into the deviant world of power, sex and submission, her own fantasies begin to blur the lines between pleasure and pain, and right and wrong, leading to some very dangerous and deadly consequences.

18 No persons under 18 (Sex, Nudity, Violence, Prejudice)
85 minutes


CastAngie Everhart, Richard Grieco, Kevin Fry, Elizabeth Barondes, Ray Valenti
DirectorRobert Angelo
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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