Harlan County War

Harlan County War Holly Hunter stars as Ruby Kincaid, the wife of a coal miner in Harlan County, KY in the 1970's. Ruby, an intelligent and headstrong woman, witnesses two deaths and her husband's near fatal accident, and watches her husband and his colleagues engage in a bitter but fruitless union war with their employers, the Eastover Mining Company, and their gun toting, strike breaking thugs.

Thoroughly enraged, Ruby decides to take matters into her own hands, and, with the help of a union organiser named Warren Jakopovich (Skarsgard), Ruby wages her own war on the Eastover Mining Company. Based on a true story (chronicled in the documentary HARLAN COUNTRY USA), HARLAN COUNTRY WAR is a fascinating and often heartbreaking look at the lives of these coal miners that is galvanised by Hunter's strong performance as Ruby, making it at once a rousing drama and brutal look at labour practices in the US.

pg Parental Guidance
100 minutes


CastHolly Hunter, Stellan Skarsgrad, Ted Levine
DirectorTony Bill
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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