Lover's Concerto

Lover's Concerto Katya is a premiere ballerina. Franklin, a writer from a dance magazine is assigned to do an interview to give the world a view of the creature that is Katya.

The interview starts out cold and formal, with the usual answers given by performers who are in the public eye. Franklin is attracted to the beautiful Katya not just by her physical beauty but also by the mysterious woman who rarely lets anybody see inside her soul. As the interview continues Katya's inhibitions are released through her stories, as she takes Franklin on a sexually explosive career ride.

Can this reporter keep his professionalism and control his lust?

16 No persons under 16 (Language, Sex, Violence)
79 minutes


CastShelly Michelle, Ted Monte, Lisa Marie Alach
DirectorTom B. Stewart
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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