My Horrible Year!

My Horrible Year! 15-year-old Nik Faulkner has serious growing pains. Parents on the brink of divorce. Baby brothers' nappies to change. And a tinsel-toothed smile courtesy of her braces.

Can things possibly get any worse? Sure they can. Dad's affair with Aunt Marian is out in the open. Mum's preoccupied. Zack, the cute new guy at high school, is already taken. Even best friends, Babyface and Mouse, are too wrapped up in TV wrestling to care about her.

As Nik's 16th birthday approaches, a horrible climax is on the cards. But life isn't always what is seems...

Starring Allison Mack as the angst-ridden Nik and Mimi Rogers as Aunt Marian, My Horrible Year! is Eric Stoltz's directorial debut. A cleverly observed teen comedy laced with irony, home truths and a wonderfully twisted birthday surprise!

pg Parental Guidance
89 minutes


CastMimi Rogers, Allison Mack, Karen Allen
DirectorEric Stolz
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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