The Diamond of Jeru

The Diamond of Jeru Attempting to spice up their dull marriage, an American couple (Keith Carradine and Paris Jefferson) travel to Borneo where they seek adventure and a mysterious diamond.

Their plan goes awry immediately when their tour guide (Billy Zane), a rugged and handsome gentleman, exchanges long glances and mounting flirtation with the feminine half of his tour. The husband, not blind to the sexual tension, talks his wife into venturing out alone in search of a local chieftain, Jeru, who possesses the elusive rare diamond. The search proves dangerous and the tour guide must provide assistance for the couple to survive in the jungle.


CastBilly Zane, Keith Carradine, Paris Jefferson, Jackson Raine
DirectorIan Barry, Dich Lowry
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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