Young Warlocks

Young Warlocks What happens when you are promised everything... only for the price of your soul?

At an exclusive private school, JOHN, MARCUS and MATT are the outcasts of their class. Constantly in trouble with the school, bullied by other students, and never getting the girls they want, they long to be in with the ''in-crowd''.

When a new student, LUC, arrives, they are given three chances to transform their lives. Luc initiates them in a ritual. In return, they gain the popularity and respect they never dreamed possible. Marcus and Matt are quickly swept in and follow Luc in various activities that could prove deadly.

After watching his friends commit crimes, John starts to figure that Luc is after something much more from him and his friends -- he wants their souls because he is actually a warlock! John must fight to save his friends before they are lost forever to the craft!


CastSean Faris, Stacey Scowley, Justin Allen, C.J. Thomason, Jennifer Capo, Forrest Cochran
DirectorDavid Decoteau
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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