Big Brother Trouble

Big Brother Trouble Mitch is always competing with his older brother Sean, a star soccer player who is always the centre of attention -- he's a hard act to follow. But when the Police Captain moves in next door with his beautiful daughter Gwen, big brother trouble begins.

Mitch, with the help of his friends is determined to win her over. Nothing works, until the day of the City Championship Game when Sean and Gwen are kidnapped to ensure that their soccer side loses. Their coach depends on Sean to win. As the match nears its end, it's up to Mitch and his buddies to become the heroes in the exciting final chase.

all All Ages
85 minutes


CastMario Lopez, Shad Hart, Michael Suchanek, Lindsey Brooke, Dick van Patten
DirectorRalph Portillo
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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