Best Man in Grass Creek

Best Man in Grass Creek In order to obtain true happiness, Adam Lewis (John Newcombe) must overcome the memory of being stood up at the altar! Adam is about to be fired from his position for not selling a single comic strip. However an editor (John Hines) agrees to buy the strip on condition that Adam serves as his best man at his upcoming wedding. Despite the fact that they are complete strangers and Adam has a phobia for weddings, he agrees.

A turn of events puts Adam's relationship in jeopardy and his fear of marriage begins to rub off. This whimsical romantic comedy it about discovering love and the risks involved in losing it. An uplifting, funny look at real people facing the biggest challenges life has to offer.

pg Parental Guidance
81 minutes


CastMegan Mullally, Grace Phillips, John Newcombe, John Hines, Oksana Fedunyszyn
DirectorJohn Newcombe
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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