Trapped: Buried Alive

Trapped: Buried Alive A state of the art ski lodge has just been completed, nestled between beautiful snow covered mountains. However, this skiers' paradise is sitting in the path of the biggest avalanche the country has ever seen.

During the grand opening week the inevitable happens, a mountain of snow engulfs the entire lodge crushing everything in its path. Trying to find their way through the devastation the survivors have to locate their missing families before the next avalance strikes. Battling hypothermia, exhaustion, oxygen deprivation and the threat of the whole lodge collapsing on them, time is running out.

pg Parental Guidance
93 minutes


CastGabrielle Carteris, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Aubrey Dollar, John Fleming, Jack Wagner
DirectorDoug Campbell
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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