House Bound

House Bound Marie (Katharina Wressnig) remains traumatised by the vicious rape she suffered at gun point late one night. Tormented by nightmares and panic attacks, the normally outgoing young woman refuses to leave the house.

For additional income, she takes on a boarder, Tom (Peter Sarsgaard). Marie find's Tom's undeniably odd behaviour unsettling. He bolts the kitchen door whenever he cooks, drills a lock into his closet door, and returns home from weeks away at sea with large, bulky black bags.

Still, something pulls the attractive pair together. A palpable chemistry develops but questions start arising after a murder in the neighbourhood fits Marie's sister's description. Tom could, after all, be a serial killer. Or is that idea just the morbid creation of a damaged psyche?

13 No persons under 13
86 minutes


CastKatharina Wressnig, Peter Sarsgaard, Angelina Ball
DirectorMari Kornhauser
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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