Bored Silly

Bored Silly Boredom can make the summer holidays even hotter. To cool off from the blistering sun, three boys (Bobby (Evan Gabriel), Johnnie (Shaun Poremba) and Chuck (Seth Fjerstad) attempt to entertain themselves to keep from being BORED SILLY.

These three michevious boys find themselves on an outrageous back-yard adventure! One idea leads to another and puts them into a whole lot of trouble... they are attacked by swarming beehives, battle killer fish, confront the neighbourhood bully and have a close brush with death, all before lunchtime!

all All Ages
82 minutes


CastEvan Gabriel, Shaun Poremba, Seth Fjerstad
DirectorRobert Shallcross
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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