Enigma In March 1943, the cryptanalysts at Bletchley Park, Britain's code-breaking centre, are facing their worst nightmare: Nazi U-boats have unexpectedly changed their Enigma cipher, and a merchant shipping convoy with 10,000 people on board is in peril. The authorities turn for help to Tom Jericho, a brilliant young mathematician and code-breaker.

Unknown to his colleagues, Jericho also has another equally baffling enigma of his own to unravel: Claire, the woman he loves, has disappeared and he suspects that there may be a spy at Bletchley.

To get to the bottom of both mysteries, he enlists the help of Hester, Claire's friend.

pg Parental Guidance
117 minutes

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CastDougray Scott, Kate Winslet, Jeremy Northam, Saffron burrows
DirectorMichael Apted
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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