Hearts in Atlantis

Hearts in Atlantis Beware the Low Men. Bobby Garfield couldn't possibly know what the warning means. But before the summer of his 11th birthday is over, he'll know... and he'll summon depths of courage and forgiveness he never imagined he had.

Anthony Hopkins headlines this nostalgically atmospheric film set in small-town Connecticut in 1960. He portrays Ted Brautigan, a mysteriouss, psychically gifted loner who becomes a mentor and father figure to Bobby (Anton Yelchin) when he enlists the boy's help in eluding the shadowy figures who seek control of Ted's powers.

Directed by Scott Hicks (Shine) and adapted by William Goldman (Misery) from Stephen King's collection of stories, Hearts in Atlantis is ''a wonderful, wonderful movie'' (Joel Siegel, Good Morning America / ABC-TV).

10 No persons under 10
97 minutes

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CastAnthony Hopkins, Anton Yelchin, Hope Davis, Mika Boorem, David Morse
DirectorScott Hicks
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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