Two Against Time

Two Against Time For Julie Portman, the past few years have not been easy. Her divorce has left her with the sole responsibility of providing for her children. While she strives to be a good mother, she struggles for financial stability while dealing with her daughter, Emma, who becomes ever more difficult as she encounters the travails of puberty -- boys, identity, attitude and the need for independence.

Minor crises threaten to become major problems, when a sore lump on Emma's arm requires surgery. When it is removed, doctors discover that the lump is a form of muscular cancer that will require chemotherapy. Although she is initially frightened and reluctant to co-operate, Emma's fear forces her to appreciate her mother and she comes to accept her condition and the physically grueling cure she must undergo in order to beat her cancer.

As Emma fights her way to recovery, Julie if forced to contend with an even more frightening development. A routine mammogram and biopsy reveals that Julie has breast cancer.

Emmy Award-winning actress Marlo Thomas gives an emotional performance in a story of a mother and daughter fighting to come to terms with a life-threatening disease and their love for one another.


CastMarlo Thomas, Ellen Muth, Peter Friedman, Karen Robinson, Troy Hall, Joe Penny
DirectorFavid Anspaugh
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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