Outside the Law

Outside the Law When secret agent Julie Cosgrove lost her fiancé in a deadly military assignment,she fled her job with the U.S. Government and vowed to start over. But on the threshold of a new life, she walks straight into her most dangerous mission yet.

Passing through a small town, Julie befriends a group of locals who are unwittingly tied to a Florida mob. When one of her new acquaintances is killed, Julie's lethal instincts and defensive training kick into gear. Now, she's on the run, seeking freedom from the Feds... and justice for her friend.

16 No persons under 16 (Violence)
87 minutes


CastCynthia Rothrock, Jeff Wincott, Seamus Dever, Dan Lauria
DirectorJorge Montesi
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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