Frost: Portrait of a Vampire

Frost: Portrait of a Vampire Two mercenaries, Johnathan ''Jack'' Frost (JEFF MANZANARES) and Nat McKenzie (C.R. LISTER) are sent to the Middle East. After they win a bitter battle fought alongside the local countrymen, Nat is bitten by a prisoner who is known by the locals as a ''vampire demon''.

As Nat struggles to save his soul and regain his humanity, a trail of blood and death are left behind wherever he goes. After a wave of serial killings, where the blood of all the victims has been drained from their bodies, Jack believes that Nat could be responsible for the recent killings. He must track Nat down and stop him. But Nat has other plans: he is out to find Jack, his ''best friend'', who can either save him... or destroy him.


CastGary Busey, Jeff Manzanares, C.R. Lister, Karen Bailey, Zoe Paul
DirectorKevin Vanhook
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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