Rennie's Landing

Rennie's Landing On th elast day of classes at the University of Oregon, Alec, Samantha, Trevor and Casey meet for a final party at the bar Rennie's Landing. This bar has represented their way of life, friendships and good times over the last four years. With aspirations to do great things, they each set off in their own directions.

A year goes by and, in a hopeful turn for the best, all four friends unexpectedly reunite in Los Angeles. Soon afterwards, Alec receives the news that he hasn't much time to live. Attempting to live out his remaining days on his own terms, Alec presents his friends with a way to take control of their lives, by pulling off a one-time bank robbery for a serious chunk of money.


CastCharlotte Ayanna, Ethan Embry, Peter Facinelli, Scott Foley
DirectorMarc Fusco
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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