Exiled They'd banished Ace Homicide Detective Mike Logan (Christopher Noth -- Law & Order) to the sticks for the cardinal sin of punching out a corrupt city councillor and it looked like there was no way back.

Until he found the girl. She'd been beautiful once, but two bullets and a couple of hours in the East River she was now just another dead hooker. Even for Mike, she was nothing more than a possible ticket back to Manhattan, but when her equally beautiful twin sister turned up, his hunt for a psychotic killer uncovered a tangled conspiracy of bent cops and lethal wise guys. It suddenly became very personal...

13 No persons under 13
85 minutes


CastChristopher Noth, Dabney Coleman, Dana Eskelson, John Fiore, Paul Guilfolyle, Ice-T
DirectorMike Post
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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