Border Patrol

Border Patrol Even the dead need cops. Meet the Border Patrol -- enforcing the law in the realm of the undead. These tough supernatural guardians make sure sinners meet their destiny and the good meet their maker.

For Numan, the no-nonsense law-bringer in the shadowy abyss between worlds, this latest case was going to prove the toughest of his career, either as the New York bull he once was, or the ghoulish Border Patrolman he had become.

On the trial of serial killer Dr Helms, Numan is forced to break Purgatory's rules and enlist the help of mortal Miami cop Chavez. This unlikely partnership soon realises that Helms, a freak of supernatural genetics, has the power to rip open the gateway to other realms and threaten the very existence of life and death as we know it.

This stylish top-speed thriller pushes the boundaries of reality to breaking point, as two cops, dead and alive, pit themselves against an unstoppable supernatural force.

87 minutes


CastMichael DeLorenzo, Clayton Rohner, Lewis Fitz-Gerald
DirectorMark Haber
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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