Jane Doe

Jane Doe Jane Doe is just a normal mom whose life is about to turn into a nightmare. When her son Michael is kidnapped she is given mysterious instructions which she must follow or her son will die. Confused and desperate, Jane follows the orders to the letter.

Sent to steal and then learn how to shoot a rifle, what seems like a wild goose chase eventually leads her to TRW, the technology company where she works.

There, she is instructed to download information off her computer onto a disk and then wait outside the building with the gun. When the chairman of TRW drives up to the building and is gunned down in front of her, she realises she's been set up.


CastTeri Hatcher, Trevor Blumas, Mark Caven, Christina Cox, ALex Karzis, Rob Lowe
DirectorKevin Elders
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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