Megiddo MEGIDDO. It's the ancient word for Armageddon and now, the battle is on.

Stone Alexander is the most powerful man in history. But his charming smile hides an evil plan to bring about mankind's ultimate destruction. The only man who can stop him is his brother David, the President of The United States. But he can't do it alone, he needs the power of God to lead him into battle, to keep his spirit strong, and help him reveal the true nature of the Beast.

Starring Michael York (The Omega Code) and Michael Biehn (Navy SEALS), this epic showdown pits continent against continent, nation against nation, and brother against brother in an all-out war of the worlds between pure good and ultimate evil.

13 No persons under 13
102 minutes


CastMichael york, Michael Biehn, Diane Venora, R. Lee Ermey, Udo Kier, Franco Nero
DirectorBrian Trenchard-Smith
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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