What Girls Learn

What Girls Learn It's 1981. Prince Charles is busy courting Lady Diana. While in sleepy rural Georgia, two young sisters Tilden and Elizabeth are preoccupied with the onset of adolescence.

Brought up by their quirky single mother, life is colourful and unconventional. As sibling rivalry intensifies between the two, 'Mama' plays peacekeeper and gives the girls all the love they could wish for.

And then Mama meets Nick and falls in love. Their close-knit family life is turned on its head. Uprooted to live on Long Island with Nick as their stand-in father, Tilden and Elizabeth struggle to adjust. Resentment simmers beneath the surface.

Tragically, Mama is struck down by a life-threatening illness. As Nick tries to hold the family together, the two girls are forced to rethink their attitude towards him -- however painful that might be.

WHAT GIRLS LEARN is a touching story of one family's struggle to cope with whatever life throws at them -- and still come out smiling. For two angst-ridden girls, already facing the trials of adolescence, it's a tough lesson in life itself.

92 minutes


CastElizabeth Perkins, Scott Bakula
DirectorLee Rose
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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