Enough Working-class waitress Slim (Jennifer Lopez -- The Wedding Planner) thought she was entering a life of domestic bliss when she married Mitch (Billy Campbell -- TV's ''Once and Again''), the man of her dreams. After the arrival of their first child, her picture perfect life is shattered when she discovers Mitch's hidden possessive dark side, a controlling and abusive alter ego that can turn trust, love and tranquility into terror and menace.

Terrified for her child's safety, Slim flees with her daughter. Relentless in his pursuit and enlisting the aid of lethal henchmen, Mitch continually stalks the prey that was once his family. Finally she fights back, engaging Mitch in a physical and psychological battle, showing him that she's had ENOUGH.

Jennifer Lopez delivers an electrifying performance as a new breed of action hero in director Michael Apted's (The World is Not Enough) harrowing, high-style thriller hit.

16 No persons under 16
107 minutes

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CastJennifer Lopez, Bill Campbell, Tessa Allen, Juliette Lewis, Dan Futterman
DirectorMichael Apted
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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