Kermit's Swamp Years

Kermit's Swamp Years KERMIT'S SWAMP YEARS is the never-before-told story of how the world's most famous frog left the swamp for the very first time and began an adventure that would change his life -- and ours -- forever.

Meet Young Kermit, a curious, fun-loving frog who likes hanging out with his amphibious best friends, Goggles and Croaker. Young Kermit loves the swamp, but wonders what lies beyond the tall marsh grass. When Goggles gets nabbed by a pet store owner, Kermit and Croaker must leap into action, leaving the swamp and racing to the rescue of their friend.

With help from a world-wise dog named Pilgrim, Kermit and Croaker discover that the outside world is bigger, stranger, more dangerous and more wonderful than they ever imagined. Will they find Goggles in time? Will they ever get back to the swamp? You'll find out in this original made-for-video live action movie! An adventure-packed comical treat for the entire family.

KERMIT'S SWAMP YEARS. It's his true story. Warts and all.

all All Ages
79 minutes


CastKermit the frog, Croaker, Goggles, Blotch, Steve Whitmore, Bill Barretta, Joseph Mazzarino, John Kennedy
DirectorDavid Gumpel
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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