Whacked One works for a crime family. The other answers to the American government. One's out to whack the other over hot money. But what happens when the bad guy with a gun is long-lost family?

After stumbling over an elaborate embezzling scheme, CIA operative Mark Stewart (Patrick Muldoon) and computer whizz Peter Klein (Judge Reinhold) are framed by corrupt elements within the CIA itself. However, the hitman who has been sent to get rid of the twosome turns out to be none other than Mark's long lost foster-brother Tony Cicero (Paul Sampson). Reuniting after nine years of estrangement, the trio combine their skills to expose the corrupt CIA agents.


CastPatrick Muldoon, Paul Sampson, Carmen Electra, Robert Miano, Judge Reinhold
DirectorJames Bruce
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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