Miss Lettie and Me

Miss Lettie and Me An acclaimed cast and picturesque locations highlight this holiday drama of a family torn apart. Academy Award nominee and multiple Emmy Award winner Mary Tyler Moore (Ordinary People) stars as Lettie Anderson, an icy, aloof farm owner who finds her orderly yet loveless life interrupted with the sudden arrival of a 9-year-old grandniece Travis (Holliston Coleman) -- ''family'' whom Lettie didn't even know existed.

Young Travis, in turn, finds her grand aunt's cool reception puzzling, and seeks answers from Lettie's devoted, longtime farmhand Isaiah Wallace (Charlie Robinson). Oscar nominee and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Burt Reynolds co-stars as Sam Madison, Lettie's former flame, who re-enters her life as she is struggling to deal with Travis' presence. Can Travis, Isaiah and Sam teach Miss Lettie to reopen her devastated heart -- and love again?

all All Ages
87 minutes


CastMary Tyler Moore, Burt Reynolds, Charlie Robinson, Irma P. Hall, Holliston Coleman
DirectorIan Barry
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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