The Brady Bunch in the White House

The Brady Bunch in the White House We join television's favourite family on yet another adventure in The Brady Bunch in the White House. Here's the story...

Young Bobby Brady finds a winning lottery ticket, which turns out to be worth $67 million! As an example to the rest of the family, Mike (Gary Cole) decides that the only ''Brady'' thing to do is to return the ticket to its rightful owner. They are rewarded for their honesty with an invitation to visit the unscrupulous President Randolph at the White House. In a bizarre turn of events that could only happen to a Brady, Mike is made Vice President in a bid to clean up the President's image. But when President Randolph is impeached after a scandal, Mike is made President with Carol Brady (Shelley Long) as his second in command!

What else can this ''typical'' suburban family get themselves into? How will they fare as the new First Family? When a gigantic asteroid headed for Earth is discovered, will President Brady be able to save the world?

pg Parental Guidance
86 minutes


CastShelley Long, Gary Cole
DirectorNeal Israel
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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