The Many Trials of One Jane Doe

The Many Trials of One Jane Doe When Jane Doe (as she legally must be called) discovered that she was the fifth victim of a serial rapist carrying out his crimes in a 2-block area surrounding her home, she was horrified. When she learned the police knew about this dangerous public criminal and decided not to issue a public warning fearing it would frighten off the rapist — she felt the police had offered her, and all the women in her neighbourhood, up as bait to a dangerous sexual offender.

At first traumatised, then angry, Jane is driven to take action. When she investigates not only her own case, but also police procedure with regard to rape and its victims, she is shocked by what she discovers: a legal system that is sexist and uncaring. It is then that she makes the decision to sue the Toronto Police Department.

pg Parental Guidance
88 minutes


CastWendy Crewson, Steven Mackintosh, Gary Lewis, Sarah Constible, Jacob Tierney, Johnathan Whittaker, Kristen Holden-Ried, Matt Cooke, Thomas Mitchell
DirectorJerry Ciccoritti
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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