Boys on the Run

Boys on the Run Charlie and Joe are two fourteen year old troubled teens who are friends in the Beaufort Juvenile Detention Centre. While at the centre, they encounter animosity and violence from all directions. Fearing for their lives and being returned to their abusive families, the boys steal away one dark night into the Appalachian Mountains. Along the way they steal a canoe, to navigate a swelling river knowing that their only hope for freedom is to keep running.

As they paddle down the river, they are shocked when a young woman jumps off a cliff and into the water, narrowly missing the canoe. She is a fourteen year old named Raindrop, who is on the run from a radical and violent militia, who have plans to bomb U.S. government buildings. With the odds stacked against them, the kids must outwit the militiamen in order to stay alive and put a stop to their plans of terrorism.


CastJesse Littlejohn, James Lafferty, Raquel Beaudene, Ron Perlman
DirectorPol Cruchten
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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