Cheats Handsome is the brains behind the operation. Sammy, his best friend, is the muscle. Victor is the tough guy, and Applebee writes ''crazy small'' crib notes. They're the four best cheaters North Point Academy has ever seen, but their day is over.

When their newest plot is uncovered, the guys decide to go straight. But how long can they be good when every test provides a new opportunity?

Matthew Lawrence (The Hot Chick) and Trevor Fehrman star in this hilarious comedy that proves that all it takes to get ahead in school is the right kind of education. Their only obstacle is Mary Tyler Moore, the suspicious principal on a mission to stop them.

10 No persons under 10 (Language)
87 minutes


CastTrevor Fehrman, Elden Henson, Matthew Lawrence, Martin Starr, Griffin Dunne, Mary Tyler Moore
DirectorAndrew Gurland
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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