Desires and Deception

Desires and Deception Eric Roarke is an aspiring novelist who made the mistake of cheating on his wife. Now his mistress, Kate, won't leave him alone, and his wife, Bridget, is starting to suspect his infidelities. When Kate's found murdered, the police immediately learn of the affair and suspect Eric.

Innocent and scared, Eric is forced to confront his sins as the nightmare of deception grows. Estranged from his wife, Eric sets out to discover the true killer, but when the facts start to point close to home, Eric is faced with his greatest fear.

18 No persons under 18 (Sex, Nudity)
about90 minutes


CastKelli McCarty, Scott Bomson, Gina Ryder
DirectorWilliam Mays
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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