Elvis Took a Bullet

Elvis Took a Bullet Jeff Wilkes is a doctor who has a phobia of dead people, orders five limes with his vodka tonic, and is a ''Scuzz'' B-movie freak. New to L.A., he answers an ad for a roommate and meets Aron Presley, a young man who believes he is Elvis reincarnated. Confronted with the fact that his own reincarnation is impossible, since he was alive when Elvis died, Aron calmly answers, ''In L.A., you create your own reality.''

After a bizarre interview to be a roommate, Jeff moves in with Aron, and falling prey to Aron's plan, gets blackmailed into an elaborate scheme filled with drugs, sex and blue suede shoes. With more twists and turns than the presidential election.

91 minutes


CastGregg Binkley, Jerry Eeten, Rebecca McFarland, Mike Wood
DirectorJeery Eeten
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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