The Way Home

The Way Home Take a delightful journey with this ''magnificently expressive'' award-winning Korean movie that has captured the hearts of audiences throughout the world. The Way Home is the story of Sang-woo, a seven-year-old boy from the city, and his elderly grandmother, a deaf-mute who has spent her entire life in a small rural village.

When Sang-woo's mother is forced to send him to live with his grandmother, Sang-woo is shocked at what he finds — a place without electricity, indoor plumbing or access to fast-food restaurants. Angry and confused, Sang-woo rejects his grandmother's attempts to please him. But, as time passes, the old woman's kindness begins to touch the young boy's heart — awakening curiosity, understanding, and finally, love. With irresistable performances, charm and humour, The Way Home is ''one of the very best movies of the year!''

all All Ages
85 minutes


CastEul-Boon Kim, Seung-Ho Yoo, Kyung-Hoon Min, Eun-Kyung Yim, Hyo-Hee Dong
DirectorJeong-Hyang Lee
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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