Thought Crimes

Thought Crimes Freya McAllister is just an average teenager, shy and unassuming, with nothing but her future ahead of her. But on the night of her high school prom, everything changes. That's when the voices come; voices only she can hear, thousands of them, assaulting her from every direction, insistent and unstoppable.

Freya is diagnosed as a violent schizophrenic and is committed to the Brookridge Mental Hospital. There she spends the next eight years of her life in solitary madness — until the fateful night Dr. Michael Welles arrives and informs Freya that she isn't crazy. She's telepathic; the voices in her head are the thoughts of every man, woman and child around her. Michael, a brilliant biopsychological researcher, teaches her how to focus her telepathy, to adapt what was once a curse into a powerful gift.

What Michael Welles doesn't reveal is that he works for the National Security Agency, the largest and most secretive intelligence gathering organization in the world, which tackles only the most clear and present dangers to our nations security.

10 No persons under 10 (Violence)
87 minutes


CastNavi Rawat, Joe Flanigan, Jocelyn Seagrave, Peter Horton
DirectorBreck Eisner
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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