The United States of Leland

The United States of Leland After seemingly ordinary 15-year-old Leland (Ryan Gosling) stuns his quiet suburban community with a chilling crime, he is sent to juvenile hall where he meets Pearl (Don Cheadle), a teacher and aspiring writer who dreams of making Leland's compelling story into a book.

As Pearl digs deeper into Leland's life and the people caught up in it — his mother (Lena Olin), his famous writer-father (Kevin Spacey) and his troubled girlfried (Jena Malone) — he uncovers Leland's disturbing motive. The tables soon turn when the enigmatic teen forces Pearl to examine his own morally questionable behaviour. Climaxing with a shocking collision of violence, understanding and hope, Leland will take you to states you never imagined.

With an ensemble cast that also includes Chris Klein and Michelle Williams, The United States of Leland is ''sure to be controversial''.

13 No persons under 13
105 minutes

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Cast Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling, Chris Klein, Jena Malone, Lena Olin, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams, Martin Donovan
DirectorMatthew Ryan Hoge
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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