Wheelmen NICK TORINO used to be an ambulance driver at the top of his game. Now he is the acting patron of a floundering LA limousine service. Working with Nick are five other 'wheelmen'. Nick's brother, Andy, has found what he believes to be the ultimate client, and convinces Nick to join him as he picks up BERNARD ''BARNY'' ALBERT TOMLINSON, the Vice President of the United States. Out in the desert, Barny turns out to be more than a handful. It is not until Barny has seized control of the limo, crashing it and stranding the three of them in the desert, that Barny reveals he is in fact an ex-Secret Service agent and there is a plot to kidnap the Vice President. Now they must find a way back to Los Angeles in time to thwart the kidnapping attempt of the Vice President as well as warn the other Venture Limousine drivers.

pg Parental Guidance (Language)
89 minutes


CastRichard Burgi, William Gregory Lee, Erin Daniels, Rainn Wilson, Jason Kravits, Lisa Arturo, Adam Biesk
DirectorDirk Hagen
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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