The Limit

The Limit May Markham (Lauren Bacall) is an elderly woman, living alone and struggling to maintain her independence. When her eccentric next door neighbour, Denny, is found murdered with a bullet in his skull, May's predictable day-to-day existence is shattered.

The murder triggers a visit from Monica (Claire Forlani), who claims to be Denny's friend — and a police officer. But her intentions are anything but legal. As Monica lulls May under the false pretense of friendship, her real intentions slowly emerge: She is both a corrupt drug agent and the girlfriend of crime boss Gale Carmody (Pete Postlethwaite). Her affair with Denny, a member of Gale's crew, has been compromised by Denny's role as an informant — to Monica's own drug task force.

Monica's very survival hinges on discovering what May knows of Denny's missing final field report and a small fortune in missing drug money. With the package is proof of her darkest secret — her complicity in the murder of a rival drug dealer and the incriminating murder weapon. May, who has her own plans for the report, confronts the cornered and desperate Monica as events accelerate toward an explosive climax!

about90 minutes


CastLauren Bacall, Claire Forlani, Henry Czerny, Peter Postlethwaite
DirectorLewin Webb
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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