The Toolbox Murders

The Toolbox Murders Nell and Steven Burrows move to Los Angeles to start a new life together. When they move into the Lusman Building, a historic Hollywood apartment complex, Nell and Steven find themselves caught in a web of terrifying evil.

A ruthless madman lurks inside, somehow moving sight unseen from apartment to apartment and using drills, claw hammers and saws to murder his victims. When Nell stumbles into the killer's hidden lair, she comes face to face with supernatural horror.

aboout90 minutes


CastAngela Bettis, Brent Roam, Juliet Landau, Greg Travis, Marco Rodriguez, Sara Downing, Adam Gierasch, Sheri Moon, Adam Weisman, Rance Howard
DirectorTobe Hooper
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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