Tornado April 29th, 1974. A brooding cloud drifts over the prairie. Lighting! Thunder! A strange sound wakes up six-year-old JOSH BARNABY: a drum roll of cracking wood. Puzzled, Josh looks out the window at the barn at the end of the field.

Except there is no more barn. Welcome to tornado country.

In the deadly hell that follows, Josh tries to follow his father Daniel, an ex-climatologist, who obsessively films the storm. Daniel gives Josh a talisman supposed to protect him. Tragedy strikes in a way that will mark Josh forever.

pg Parental Guidance
89 minutes


CastDaniel Bernhardt, Larry Day, Anya Lahiri, Ruth Platt
DirectorAlain Jakubowicz
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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